Innovation, quality and service

Since E-Kut's founding, it has dedicated itself to providing cutting edge quality technical products and services. While the majority of the industry work with conventional equipment, E-Kut dares to challenge the market with its highly sophisticated equipment for this era.

In 1986, its two founders were dedicated in offering innovative manufacturing services. During a decade of exclusive specialization, the name E-Kut Inc. was created from electroerosion services. Today, E-Kut can count on a technical team of more than 50 motivated employees ready to take on the most demanding manufacturing challenges. With its team and its state of the art technology, E-Kut is proud to be able to manufacture more and more complex parts.


Electroerosion subcontracting services by electrical discharge machining and EDM sinker.


Design and tool manufacturing services serving plastic and metal industry sectors.

2007 to present

Critical production parts for landing gear and satellites. Design and tool manufacturing for several industrial sectors.


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