Innovation, Qualité et Service

Since its founding in 1986, E-Kut has been dedicated to providing high-quality, state-of-the-art technical products and services. While the majority of the industry worked with conventional equipment, E-Kut dared to enter the market with highly sophisticated equipment.

Its two founders were dedicated to providing innovative manufacturing services. Based on an exclusive specialization for a decade, the name of Electro-Kut came from its EDM service. Today, with a renewed brand image, E-Kut relies on a technical team of more than 60 people motivated to meet the most demanding manufacturing challenges. With its team and high-tech equipment, E-Kut is proud to manufacture products of higher and higher complexity.


EDM outsourcing service by wire spark and die-burn.


Tool design & manufacture serving the plastic and metal sectors.

2007 to today

Production of critical parts for landing gear and satellites. Design & manufacturing of tools for various sectors of the industry.

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