Our Certifications

Maintained Certifications

E-Kut is committed to providing you with products of consistent quality. E-Kut has all the necessary accreditations to provide products in the highly regulated fields of aeronautics and aerospace.

Actively involved in Aéro-Montréal's MACH program, E-Kut is committed to remaining at the forefront of trends in improving the aerospace supply chain. Customers in all areas have been benefiting from E-Kut's commitment to quality from our very beginning since 1986.


Certified since 2011, E-Kut is the only Quebec company certified for Electrical Discharge processes.


Certified since 2008, E-Kut is constantly improving the quality of its processes and the management of its products.

AS 9100 2016 ISO 9001


Registered to this program since 2007, E-Kut ensures the confidentiality of documents and the security of controlled goods. 

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