Solid Expertise

E-Kut's team expertise and its state of the art equipment allows us to design and manufacture critical parts in highly regulated sectors.


Satellite Components

Since its early debut, E-Kut has manufactured complex components for communications satellites.

Our expertise in machining material both by CN and electroerosion has enabled our customers to design extremely complex parts.

Business Aircraft

We hold an enviable position in the manufacturing of landing gear components.

We supply ready for assembly critical machining parts from aluminum forging or 15-5PH alloy steel bars.

Commercial Aircraft

E-Kut manufactures many complex components for large aircraft.

The manufacturing complexity of these parts is based in part on the use of hard exotic materials derived from casting, forged or billet bar parts.

Defence Services

E-Kut manufactures critical mechanical components that are differentiated by the innovation of used materials such as: C-465, titanium, toughmet, etc.



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