Complementarity in our customers' interests

The wide variety of machining capabilities gives E-KUT enviable flexibility. Its a rarity for our customers to find as many manufacturing alternatives within a single factory. Our efficient solution-oriented team knows how to make the right decisions to satisfy our customers. Our many manufacturing techniques are complementary.



Manufacturing tools to manufacture parts: an internal service that increases our flexibility. 

Some of the pieces our clients entrust us with are so special that our experts put their creativity to the test, building a custom showcase for them. Our homemade templates ensure the traceability of the manufacturing. With these molds and templates, it is then possible to move to the production stage with solidity and assertion. We have the inventiveness we need.

3 to 10 axis Machining

When applying finishing touches, it is important that each surface meets the highest standard. Several methods are combined to offer the best results.



5 Axis

Turn & Swivel tables for non-traditional parts.

Securely installed on the milling machine, the tool swivels around the fixed part. Gram per gram, metal is removed, transforming a mere forge into a component that meets the specific needs of our customers.



Concentricity and diameter, the arcs of a circle bear no secret when it is the part that turns.

Equipped with an integrated measuring instrument, our machines are able to self-adjust to meet the most daring arcs. By building a custom template that holds the piece securely in place, our team rotate short and long pieces without fear of deforming the material. Our versatile machines are at the cutting edge of technology. Turn, mill, make holes at angles, all forms are possible on the same 3,4,5 and even 10-axis workstation. Freedom and efficiency are at the rendez-vous. 

Electrical Discharge Machining

E-Kut was the first Quebec EDM (Electro-Erosion Machining) company to combine wire cutting and sintering services. E-Kut is still innovating today and remains the only Quebec company with NADCAP accreditation for these processes.




Die-machining: ultra-precision does not tolerate deviation.

The EDM process uses an electrically charged electrode configured to a specific geometry to etch the geometry of the electrode into a metal component. The part is transformed into its inner cavity, micron by micron to meet the exactitude of ours customers' specifications. 




Flash machining overcomes the strongest materials.


Even in front of a 35 cm thick conductive material, spark erosion machining offers ultra-precision of highest quality. This technique overcomes conductive materials such as aluminum, copper as well as all steels, tempered or not, all the way to even the hardest carbides. The removal of the metal results from the discharge of sparks between the wire and the workpiece immersed in a liquid dielectric medium.


E-Kut supports its customers by providing parts with specialized components that make them immediately usable. Craftsman and mechanical strength complementing each other.


Manual Assembly

Manual assembly, an indispensable art to the process.

Inserting small parts into a complex product requires careful craftsmen capable of sharp focus. Our team greases, inserts and precisely adjusts up to 200 components for the realization of a single tool.


Mechanical Assembly

The mechanical assembly, when the strength of the machine is transformed into delicate work of precision.

Adjust, insert and slide — sometimes up to 14 pieces are required to finalize these beautiful sophisticated pieces, meeting the requirements of our customers. The applied pressure is adapted to the hardness of each material. The sustained attention of our workers allows to reach a constant quality.

Part Finishes

When applying finishing touches, it is important that each surface meets the highest standard. Several methods are combined to offer the best results.

  • AFM

Abrasive Flow Machining

(abrasive flow machining)

Reach the inaccessible to polish the interior.

The abrasive flow machining process provides a high level of surface finish by reaching even generally inaccessible areas.

This process for deburring, dressing, sizing and polishing can be applied to an impressive range of finishing operations, providing consistent, repeatable and predictable results. 



Smooth as a mirror, soft as velvet, accurate as it is required!

Decoding technical drawings, eliminating the marks of machining, rounding the angles, polishing the chamfers: a necessity that we count amongst our know-how. Our pride is to craft our small parts by hand as would the most sophisticated of machines. 



A crucial step in achieving precision and surface finish.

To reach the ultimate dimension in the final phase, our experts know how to choose the right break-in stones that adapt to the uniqueness of the worked material. 

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